Amiga scanner driver for
Microtek, Highscreen and Mustek
Flatbed Scanner
Overview over the current ScanTek 4.6 version.

  1. Support of the following SCSI Microtek scanner models:

  2. Support of the following SCSI Mustek Paragon scanner models:

  3. The following scanner models are in the development phase:

  4. The following scanner models are recognized but not fully supported:

  5. The following scanner models are not supported by now:

  6. The following scanner models are not supported:

  7. Attention:
    In recent times Mustek has changed the scanner firmware. I urge you to test Mustek scanners with your Amiga configuration before buying it.

    Mustek scanners have a critical SCSI interface. It was reported to me that these scanners may not work with the A2091 and A3000(T) internal SCSI interface. It is possible that these scanners do not work with other SCSI host adapters, either.
    But the Mustek Paragon 6000CX and Mustek Paragon MFS-12000SP work in combination with an Oktagon SCSI host adapter. Be sure to disable reselection for Mustek scanners on your SCSI host adapter. Otherwise your system may not boot.

    If your scanner is not mentioned in the list above try it and give me a response whether it works or not.

  8. Support of black/white, built-in halftone (dither), one-pass-color-scan, three pass color scan, grey, red, green and blue scan.

  9. Individual setting of resolution, scanning frame, contrast, shadow, midtone, highlight, exposure time and scanning speed for download to the scanner.

  10. Download of a color look up table (gamma correction table ) to the scanner supported.

  11. Scanning to IFF File of 1, 8 or 24 bit color depth. The maximum size of the scanned image is independent from the RAM size. After the scanning process it is possible to start an external program.

  12. GUI for preview and configuration of the driver. You need Kickstart 2.04 but Kickstart 3.0 is recommended.

  13. Sizeable preview window in black/white or grey scale. Color preview on Cybergraphix screens (15, 16 or 24 bit necessary). There are much more skilled programs to view and manipulate the scanned images in color. (A tool like ADPRO, IMAGE FX or so is needed, if you want to do sophisticated postproduction)

  14. ARexx support

  15. Screenmode requester to define custom screen for working. The current public screen is supported as well

  16. Configurable SCSI device and SCSI ID. The driver supports only SCSI connectable scanners.

  17. The driver is tested with the following SCSI drivers: oktagon.device and gvpscsi.device V4.5.

  18. ScanTek is written using SAS C 6.55.

  19. ScanTek is SHAREWARE.

  20. The non registered version of ScanTek is a full working version, but all scanned images have black lines to motivate you to register. Additionally the maximum size of the preview is restricted.

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Copyright 1996/97/98/99/2002 by Waldemar Zöhner V1.6