Bug reports

 If you find something strange in the behaviour of ScanTek decide for
 yourself, whether it is a bug or a feature.

 If you think it is a bug, there is a way to provide additional information.
 You must tell ScanTek to generate a LOG (protocol) file.

 From CLI:         ScanTek debug
 From Workbench:   Set the TOOLTYPE  DEBUG=ON

 With this startup value ScanTek protocols the actions during one session.
 The protocol of this session is written to a text file called 'ScanTek.log',
 that contains important information about several scanner operations.

 The more information you can provide the greater is the chance of a solution.

 Finally the bug report should contain the following items:

  · The protocol file 'ScanTek.log'.
    The 'ScanTek.log' should contain the data of a scanning session where the
    bug has occurred. At least you have to start a preview and a color scan
    during this recorded session.

  · A description of the performed actions and the recognized response from the

  · Your AMIGA configuration: Model, RAM, OS-Version, accelerator board,
                              graphic card, SCSI host adapter and SCSI

  · The exact scanner model type

 Send this bug report to  me .

 Any suggestions on ScanTek, this guide or other things of interest
 are welcome.

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