ScanTek Manual NEXTHOME

                        ScanTek 4.6

                    A scanner driver for
               Microtek, Highscreen and Mustek
                      Flatbed Scanner

      © Copyright 1995/96/97/98/99/02 Waldemar Zöhner


                  Get It, Feel It, Love It

       Overview             The features
       What's new           What's new
       System Requirements  What you must have
       Installation         How to install
       Using ScanTek        How to use
       Registration         Why and how to register
       Support              Where to get it
       Tested Systems       It works...
       Trouble Shooting     What to consider
       Bug Reports          If any..
       Copyrights           Consider carefully
       Credits              I thank you
       Author               Me ..
       History              It's history
       Future               Things to come
       Miscellaneous        The rest

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