The author says thank you to the following persons and companies for
 their help and support.

  · Arndt van der Molen for beta testing and constructive criticism

  · Horst (The Whistler) Knobloch for support

  · Kerstin Hedrich for a good time

  · Markus Rupprecht for Mustek Paragon MFS 6000CX

  · Lutz Küch for Mustek Paragon MSF 6000SP

  · Thomas Mehl for Highscreen PerfectScan

  · Sven Loeb for Mustek ScanExpress 12000SP

  · Peter Dorn and Jürgen Drexel for their ScanMaker 330

  · Eike Michael Lang for his LightLid TMA 

  · Philip A. Vedovatti for his MagicWB and NewIcon set for ScanTek

  · Jacob Jensen for dansk catalog

  · Beate Kaspar

  · All registered users

  · Jaba Development for GadToolsBox

  · »»»» Several Icons by Martin Huttenloher ««««

  · Microtek, Düsseldorf for the programmers reference

  · SAS Institute for their C-Compiler 6.55 and at least no support

  · HiSoft for Surf Squirrel SCSI host adapter

  · Nova Design for ImageFX 2.6

  · Haage & Partner for arteffect 2

  · Troy Sun (Mustek Development) for support

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Copyright 1996/97/98/2002 by Waldemar Zöhner V1.1