V1.0  30 Nov. 1995

   - first public release

 V1.1  17 Dec. 1995

   - detection of Microtek scanner via SCSI inquiry enhanced
   - stepping of resolution slider adapted to expanded base resolution
   - calculation of scanning frame size data modified

 V1.2   3 Jan. 1996

   - Debug output data revised and enhanced
   - Max Frame Setting setting introduced
   - Start of external program possible
   - Window positions are remembered and saved
   - Configuration file enhanced

 V1.3  25 Feb. 1996

   - Detection of new ScanMaker E3 Flatbed scanner implemented
   - Special adaption for E3 to use 8.5 * 13.5 inch scanning frame
     (due to E3 inquiry data the max frame size is 8.5 * 11.69 inch)
   - No start of the external program, if the scanning process is aborted
   - Higher dpi rates for ScanMaker 35t (slide scanner) possible
     Preview image schould look better now.
   - "Main Control" window and gadgets modified
   - Debug filename "ScanTek.log" can be overriden through CLI or Tooltype

 V2.0  30 Apr. 1996

   - Preview in color mode with proper options values
   - Use of expanded Contrast and Exposure Time selections on certain scanners
   - X and Y Aspect Ratio in scanned color images is now correct
   - ScanMaker E3 does not support undocumentated red, gree and blue scanning
   - Lookup Table command supported (Gamma Correction on certain scanner
   - Scanning Frame Setting is now more intuitive
   - Reverse image scanning supported (only on certain scanners possible)
   - Accurate scanning frame definition. Scanning frame is now more precise.

 V2.1  5 July 1996

   - Preview now fully supported for Mustek 6000CX
   - Special adaption for Mustek 6000CX to use 8.5 * 14 inch scanning frame

 V2.2 26 July 1996

   - Enhanced support for Mustek scanners
     "Exposure Time" and "Contrast" parameters are now correct
   - Gamma value "All" now works on threepass scanner
   - Alternative Black/White scanning mode

 V2.3  6 Sept. 1996

   - Color Preview on Cybergraphix screens in true color mode (15, 16 or 24 bit)
     for onepass flatbed scanners
   - Grey/Red/Green/Blue Preview on Cybergraphix screens in true color mode
     (15, 16 or 24 bit) for threepass and onepass flatbed scanners
   - Change and recall of predefined resolution values

 V2.4 10 Sept. 1996

   - Support of Mustek SCSI one pass color scanners in color mode and
     parameter ranges.
   - ScanTek can now open its GUI windows on the current public screen.

 V2.5  5 Oct. 1996

   - Workaround to handle strange color mode behaviour of Mustek
     one pass scanners
   - Reverse scanning in black and white mode introduced

 V2.6  30 Oct. 1996

   - Full support of Mustek one pass scanners
   - Recognition of Mustek scanners enhanced

 V2.7  6 Dec. 1996

   - Recognition and handling of new Mustek scanners enhanced
   - Recognition of Microtek ScanMaker E6 adapted

 V2.8  11 Jan. 1997

   - New icons for ScanTek
   - Recognition and handling of new Mustek scanners enhanced
   - Minior bug fixes
   - Introduction of the ScanTek Support WebSite

 V2.9   9 Feb. 1997

   - Redesign of the Look-Up Table related window

 V2.10 26 Mar. 1997

   - Full size preview on 400 dpi Mustek scanners adjustable

 V3.0  16 Apr. 1997

   - AREXX support
   - XBMI-chunk introduced to store DPI (dots per inch) information in
     IFF File
   - Handling of Microtek ScanMaker E6 enhanced
   - Bugfixes: "Exposure Time" and "Contrast" parameters for Microtek
               and some Mustek scanner models are now correct.
               This bug could lead to images that where to light.
               Grey preview of color image now work with all specified

 V3.1  19 May 1997

   - Recognition of Highscreen PerfectScan (600dpi) introduced
   - Recognition of Highscreen RealScan (300dpi) introduced
   - Activation of newly opened windows works now correct

 V3.2  8 June 1997

   - Workaround for surfsquirrel.device to avoid SCSI bus hangup
   - AREXX scripts: Load scanned pictures into 
                    ImageFX:   ST2ImageFX.strx
                    ArtEffect: ST2ArtEffect.strx

 V3.3  1 August 1997

   - Detection of ScanMaker 35t+ introduced 
   - Faster preview scanning process on some scanner models
   - "Accurate Coordinates" support for ScanMaker E6 and compatible

 V3.4  21 October 1997

   - Support of Transparency Adapter (Slide Kit Unit)
   - Prevent system lockup during startup on Dataflyer SCSI+ host

 V3.5  4 December 1997

   - Rework of window activation procedures
   - Rework of font sentivity
   - PROGDIR: usage reduced
   - Support of multiple SCSI host adapters in one system

 V3.6  21 December 1997

   - The Mustek MFS-12000SP is now supported
   - Rework of ASL requester handling
   - PROGDIR: usage reduced

 V3.7  30 December 1997

   - Detection of Mustek scanners enhanced
     Erkennung von Mustek Scannern weiterentwickelt

   - German Documentation
     Deutsche Anleitung

 V3.8  23 February 1997

   - Bugfix of Mustek color scan process (Scrambled image data in
     segment scanning)

   - Support of Transparency Adapter (Slide Kit Unit) enhanced

   - First attempt to support the new european Mustek
     ScanExpress 12000SP and international Mustek Paragon 1200 III SP.
     These scanners are assumed to be identical.
     Due to missing Mustek programming documentation for the new firmware
     there is only a limited support of these scanner models:
       ... Gray scale scanning is supported.
       ... Color scanning is incorrect and is therefore unusable
     These scanner models are not recommended for the use with ScanTek.
     If there will be a Mustek programming documentation some time in the
     future than a second attempt for the support will be made.

 V3.9  15 March 1998

   - Better support for Mustek ScanExpress 12000SP and the identical
     international Mustek Paragon 1200 III SP.
     This scanner model is not recommended for ScanTek.
       Preview works now also on small preview windows.
       Color scanning is only successful at resolutions of 150, 300,
       600 and 1200 dpi.
       Only small scanning images are successful. The automatic segment
       scanning is not possible on this scanner model.

   - The new Microtek model ScanMaker E3PLUS is in the testing phase.
     (see Overview for details)
   - Microtek V300, Microtek 330, Microtek 630
       These scanner models are due to the documentation related to           
       the Microtek E3PLUS. They should work in an equivalent way.

 V3.10 17 April 1998

   - First attempt to support the new Microtek 330 scanner model.
     The scanning speed depends in a large degree on the SCSI host adapter.
     This scanner model may lead to hang ups of the SCSI bus (computer
     system) on critical SCSI devices.

 V3.11 24 May 1998

   - Support of the new Highscreen HighScan II (Microtek) and
     the new version of the Microtek E3Plus

 V4.0 19 June 1998
   - Localization of ScanTek. Supported locales: english, deutsch, dansk

   - New email address:,

 V4.1 29 August 1998

   - Full support for Microtek 630, 330 and new Highscan II models
     - Color LookUp tables now supported
     - Faster preview for new generation of ScanMaker scanners

   - ScanTek support homepage has been moved to

   - Enhanced screen mode handling on program startup

 V4.2  9 September 1998
   - Locale catalogs now updated correctly

   - No color failures if the LookUp tables are deactivted for
     Microtek 630, 330 and new Highscan II models

 V4.3  6 December 1998

   - Support of the transparency adapter and control of the scanning and
     transparency medium lamp for Microtek 63x, 33x and compatible
     Highscreen HighScan scanner models

 V4.4  3 February 1999

   - Better Surfsquirrel SCSI support. New Microtek scanner should work
     now after activating the Surfsquirrel SCSI Workaround.
     Other SCSI Hostdapter may work as well after activating this

 V4.5  5 May 1999

   - Untested support for new flavour of Microtek ScanMaker X6

 V4.6 27 January 2002

   - Better support for ScanMaker 45t
   - Dokumentation update (Homepage and eMail)
   - ScanTek support homepage has been moved to

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