ScanTek is shareware.

 You have tested ScanTek and want to register. The registered version
 offers you the following advantage:

  · no more black lines in the scanned images

  · the maximum size of the preview is not restricted

 The shareware fee is notified in the file "OrderForm".
 Registered users receive a personalized keyfile which removes the
 black lines.

 Edit the file "OrderForm" or "Bestellformular", answer the questions,
 print it out and sign it. Put it together with the registration fee
 in an envelope and send it to  me .

 The keyfile will be sent to you via email or on a floppy disk.

TOP Do you have any suggestions or questions about ScanTek then email to CONTENTSPREVNEXTHOME

Copyright 1996/97/98/2002 by Waldemar Zöhner V1.1